Why Choose B.A.D.?

Beaufort Academy of Dance began serving the Beaufort Community as a dance studio dedicated to providing quality dance instruction to its students using a variety of dance genres.  Our highly trained staff is impassioned about dance, and all are qualified to instruct students from 18 months of age through adulthood. 

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Hip1Students learn the most current moves and styles from the dance music video world. It's a combination of the best moves, with the hottest music, and a lot of fun!  

Other HIP HOP Classes we offer...  

HIP HOP KIDZ for ages 5-7. Dancers will enjoy 30 minutes of age appropriate, FUN music. They will be moving and grooving like the kids have seen on T.V... 

ADULT HIP HOP for ages 21 & Up. Dancers will be able to move to new and old school HIP HOP music. Burning calories and having fun at the same time. 

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